What is my blog about? I’ll try to explain

It has finally happened, I’m blogging (again). Well, I’m writing my first (welcome) post, that’s where I am right now. This time however I take it more seriously and want this blog to contain valuable information. By valuable I mean something practical that I’d use/benefit of while looking up something I struggle with or when I want to read about things I’m interested in.
What is my blog about? Keep reading…

WHY am I doing it? What is my blog about?

A few thoughts why I started this blog

To share the knowledge

  1. First of all I want to have a place where I can put my notes, findings or anything I find interesting. I would like to share these things with the world. This might be something short like code samples with neat tricks (mainly in Python) or longer posts about programming (in most cases).
    I’d also like to describe things I do, more or less, frequently like starting new Django apps, using Docker, tests, mocks etc…
  2. I love coding, it’s fascinating (not always) but when you do it for too long it can become tiring. Having a blog where you can write whatever and whenever you want could be a great rest for your brain. You just stop coding, you don’t look at the code and do something else. Something else, but still related to your interests (win-win?). But what is the best – you can help someone else!
  3. I think all programmers use Google or StackOverflow to look up something they struggle with. Or maybe to find a better solution for what they’ve done. Especially programmers who just begin their journey – they need resources to learn from. I’m the same and I’d like to help others with problems I had. I’d like to contribute more and be on that other end, the end where people get  the knowledge from.
  4. As a developer I still work on private projects and always find or want to do something that is not very common or popular. As an addition to the point no. 1 – I’d like to describe these problems here and show how I resolved them. Maybe someone else will benefit in future.

To motivate myself

This one is very “simple”. I’d like this blog to motivate me. I want to do more open-source stuff and already have few things in my mind, but I’ll get there later on in this post.

And more

As non-native (I’m Polish) writing on a blog is a great chance to maintain and hopefully improve my English level.

I’d also like to improve in passing the knowledge. I haven’t done that before and it would be nice to test myself on that ground.

Another thing I want to try is recording “how-to” videos. Simply said I want to try with YouTube videos showing how to do certain things (developer related). I’ll get there later on.

What’s next?

While writing this post there’s nothing on this blog. No theme selected (the default one) and no other pages (about me, etc…). I still don’t know how this blog will be shaped. I only have few ideas. That doesn’t matter at the moment. What matters is that I have to start writing and force myself get used to doing it regularly. Everything else will come with time.


I have few ideas what to write about in the beginning.

Setting up a WordPress blog on Google Cloud

I decided to run this blog on the Google Cloud. I’m a WordPress newbie, a Python developer with PHP background (long long time ago). This means I had to spend some time googling for the right solution. I ended up with the blog running on Compute Engine, CloudSQL and Cloud Storage. Some things I did are not the easiest ones to find on the Internet.

I thought this could be a good start – to write (and record videos) about that! I want to gather all the information in one place and show you how to do it so you won’t struggle and can easily start.

Topics I want to include (and maybe more):

  • Running a blog on Compute Engine (with local DB and phpmyadmin)
  • Moving from a local DB to the CloudSQL
  • Storing media files on Cloud Storage (I found 2 ways of doing it with WordPress and want to describe both of them)
  • Setting a domain to serve your new blog

Writing an open-source Django app

As a Python developer mostly doing Django-related things I’d like to write about this as well. I’ve never created and published a fully functional, open-source Django app. My second goal is to do so. As the outcome I want to see an useful app put on GitHub and PyPi.

At the moment I’ve got 2 ideas and need to pick the better one.

  1. Write my own blogging Django app. I know there are many of them, but I’ve always wanted to have one which suites my needs. This would include the basic stuff like posts, categories, tags but also some more advanced topics like nested comments (created from scratch) or posts content using DjangoCMS placeholders. I see this as a self-contained app which you can install from PyPi and use it in any Django project.
  2. As a father of 4 I’d like to have something that helps me with controlling my children’s daily duties. The idea is that as a parent you define what your kids have to do (on daily basis) and then you can reward them (or not). Each day you give smiled/sad faces (suns and clouds or anything you want) and every week you see the report. Combined with rewards and maybe other things, you and your children know what’s happened during the week and what they can choose as a reward. They also see their duties and are fully aware of it.

Time to start blogging

I think that’s all I wanted to say in this post. You now know what my blog is about.

Now when it’s written down (Internet never forgets) I have to start thinking about this blog more seriously and keep improving it. I hope to find a free template soon (better than the current one), play around with WordPress plugins, set up Analytics and other “standard” things for running a website.

I’ll also try to write few words about myself and then start writing the actual posts!

PS: Why tunarob.com? Don’t ask me – I really don’t know 😉 The domain was available, it contains my name (Robert) and is quite unique and easy to remember (is it?). Ah, I know what the tuna is.

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  1. Hi,

    Nice, I’m following man… let’s see if I can.

    Thank for sharing

  2. Good info. Lucky me I found your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have bookmarked it for later!

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